Monthly Archives: August 2010

Growing The Total Media Social Media Team

Tweet The time has come, to expand the Social Media team, here at Total Media, and so, I thought I’d try a slightly different approach to recruiting in for the role. I’m looking to hire a Junior / Graduate Social Media Community Manager. However, rather than just accepting CV’s directly, I’d like to see potential […]

The Levels of Twitter Proficiency

Tweet It’s been a long time coming, but I finally got spurred on recently to publicly share my thinking around the typical evolution of a Twitter user (call them a tweeter, or twitterer, or whatever else you want to label them as). I’ll be interested to hear what other people’s take on this will be, […]

Auto DM on Twitter – Just Don’t!

Tweet If you’re new to Twitter, and have recently found out about one of the many services that let you send an Auto DM on Twitter, then a word of advice – DON’T! Twitter is about personal relationships. Auto DM is like Spam email, cold, impersonal, and ultimately pointless. I say this from personal experience […]