The Next ‘Wave’ of Social Media..

Tweet We’re living in a platform saturated, attention deprived, information overloaded, flooded stream of updates with Social Media at the moment. Most people, genuinely have access to far too much information, and not enough time, or attention, to process all the things that they would ideally love to read/consume, absorb, and participate in, conversation wise. […]

My Agenda for Social Media Week London 2012

Tweet It seems that with all the sponsorship money that’s gone into Social Media Week, one of the key features that was missing from the main website, is the ability to be able to share ‘calendars’ or schedules with friends/other participants. Having buttons, that allowed you to post the event you were attending to Lanyrd, […]

Social Media Monitoring & Marketing Conference

Tweet There’s very few good conferences I’ve been to in London, when it comes to Social Media Monitoring. One that I regularly keep an eye out for, is the conferences that Luke Brynley-Jones puts on. Primarily because of the quality of the speakers, and the diversity of perspectives that are shared throughout the day. In […]

How Powerful is Social Media?

Tweet The recent Festival of Media, in Valencia (on the 18th – 20th April 2010), had an interesting poll for the audience, asked by someone online. The question was : How many times more powerful than traditional marketing channels do you consider Social Media to be? The result? 37% of the audience considered Social Media […]

Social Media Week Launch Party

Tweet Yesterday was the first day of Social Media Week, and it seems like things in London are off to a great start… Many events are already sold out, filled to capacity, and with waiting lists, which is always a good thing – clearly there’s a significant amount of interest in London when it comes […]

Social Media Week Kicks Off!

Tweet So this week, is the beginning of Social Media Week, which is happening simultaneously in Toronto, Sao Paulo, San Francisco, New York, Berlin and London. The aim of Social Media Week is to “advance the use and understanding of social media in the corporate, public and non-profit sectors”, and before I say too much […]

Tweeting from Conferences

Tweet I’m often at a conference, and usually when there’s a wireless or network connection of some sort, and I have my laptop available, I’ll start to tweet ferociously, in an attempt to provide a ‘tweet by tweet’ update of the proceedings of an event, or the content of a talk. It’s not as detailed, […]