Are you measuring the right social media and digital marketing metrics?

Tweet Do you know how to measure success in your campaigns? Do you know how your marketing activity impacts the businesses bottom line?   Some common questions you might hear when colleagues want to know how well you’re doing:   How many likes does your Facebook page have? How many comments did that last post get? […]

How often should you be posting on Social Media?

Tweet Have you ever wondered what is the “optimum frequency” that you should be posting on social media with? The honest answer is, it depends. The most important criteria, should be based on your business objectives, as well as the availability of content, coupled with the time it takes to produce, and deliver the content […]

ALWAYS have a Plan B with Social Media

Tweet Or why you should never base your entire business around any one social network or platform that you don’t control or own. Social Networks are great. Thanks to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, we’ve now got unprecedented levels of access into people’s personal and private lives. As a consequence, whilst they’re busy staying plugged […]

An Introduction to Social Media for Small Business Owners

Tweet Source: Uploaded by user via Farhan on Pinterest Following a chat with Julia McDaid, of The Results Factory, it occurred to me, that there’s many many people out there that I keep bumping into, or meeting, who are still relatively new to the world of Social Media, from a marketing perspective. Over the last […]

The Next ‘Wave’ of Social Media..

Tweet We’re living in a platform saturated, attention deprived, information overloaded, flooded stream of updates with Social Media at the moment. Most people, genuinely have access to far too much information, and not enough time, or attention, to process all the things that they would ideally love to read/consume, absorb, and participate in, conversation wise. […]

My Agenda for Social Media Week London 2012

Tweet It seems that with all the sponsorship money that’s gone into Social Media Week, one of the key features that was missing from the main website, is the ability to be able to share ‘calendars’ or schedules with friends/other participants. Having buttons, that allowed you to post the event you were attending to Lanyrd, […]

Social Media Week London – Feb 13-17, 2012

Tweet So next week is Social Media Week, in London, and it seems that this year there are even more talks, events, and sessions being run, than last year. If you haven’t yet decided what you’re going to attend, I suggest you head on over to the calendar for London’s Social Media Week activities and […]

Crowdsourcing Social Media Trends of 2011, and Predictions for 2012

Tweet Usually, when it comes to this time of year, I like to look into a crystal ball, and start thinking about what I think is going to be up and coming in the year to come. Most times, those posts get stuck as drafts, and become a constant reminder of how there’s never enough […]

Why come to #TweetCamp?

Tweet On the eve of the event, it’s almost a bit redundant, to talk about why you should be coming to TweetCamp, as by now you’ve almost definitely made up your mind as to whether you’re coming or not. That said, I did want to jot down my thoughts, if only for the next time, […]

Social Media Monitoring & Marketing Conference

Tweet There’s very few good conferences I’ve been to in London, when it comes to Social Media Monitoring. One that I regularly keep an eye out for, is the conferences that Luke Brynley-Jones puts on. Primarily because of the quality of the speakers, and the diversity of perspectives that are shared throughout the day. In […]