The Levels of Twitter Proficiency

Tweet It’s been a long time coming, but I finally got spurred on recently to publicly share my thinking around the typical evolution of a Twitter user (call them a tweeter, or twitterer, or whatever else you want to label them as). I’ll be interested to hear what other people’s take on this will be, […]

Auto DM on Twitter – Just Don’t!

Tweet If you’re new to Twitter, and have recently found out about one of the many services that let you send an Auto DM on Twitter, then a word of advice – DON’T! Twitter is about personal relationships. Auto DM is like Spam email, cold, impersonal, and ultimately pointless. I say this from personal experience […]

Why Share the Banal Stuff on Twitter?

Tweet Twitter has many many uses.  It’s evolved out of a simple response to the question “What are you doing?” to encompass a whole plethora of responses, and answers captured in 140 characters. From people sharing what they’ve eaten for breakfast, to ideas being debated, insights being shared and even breaking news being reported live, […]