Growing The Total Media Social Media Team

The time has come, to expand the Social Media team, here at Total Media, and so, I thought I’d try a slightly different approach to recruiting in for the role.
I’m looking to hire a Junior / Graduate Social Media Community Manager.

However, rather than just accepting CV’s directly, I’d like to see potential candidates for the role get creative in their responses.  Ideally, as a candidate, you may already have expressed through one of your existing social media presences why you want to work in Social Media, and what kind of role it is that you’re looking for.

But on the off chance that you haven’t already, here’s a few pointers to help you along the way:

In your responses, tell me;

What do you know about Social Media? Where and how did you learn it? and why did you go to all that effort?

Why do you want to work in Social Media?

What is it that appeals to you about this industry/profession?

Also, what do you have to offer?

What makes you special, unique, or different to every other candidate that’s out there?

Finally, I’d like to know a little something more about you.  What makes you tick? What are your hobbies, and interests?

What do you do when you’re not tweeting, or blogging?  Essentially, what makes you you?

Once you’ve prepared your responses, post a link to it in the comments below,  (and make sure to use your email address, when leaving a comment, so that I can get in touch with you!)  You’ll get extra points for being creative, or different.

The opportunity to work with me at Total Media, means that you’ll get a chance to show off your skills as a community moderator, get coached on being more effective online, as well as learn how to work with Social Media Monitoring tools to identify conversational trends, individuals of influence, and learn to think more strategically about Social Media.  The role is ideally suited to a Social Media Novice, who wishes to develop their skills further, get involved, hands on, with building out communities, and also over time, develop their own thought leadership within the Social Media world.

We shall not be changing the world overnight, but over the course of a few years, you will become an expert in the art of navigating all things Social, and be able to build powerful, engaging, immersive communities that build brand advocacy, and stimulate conversations online in your sleep.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, then get responding, through any platform/medium of your choosing, and leave your response in the comments below.  I shall look forward to screening candidates, and choosing the brightest of the bunch to come visit, and talk more in person.

And just in case you’re interested starting salaries are going to be between £18-20k dependent on experience, and how effectively you demonstrate you know your stuff.

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  1. Nice approach but how would they have any idea what the other candidates are like? Seriously. Or are you asking for the best bluffer. That could be a serious criterion.

    What you could do is jig up a quick social network and ask people to put their stuff up publicly and engage with each other (and you). Then you’ll be offering a creative experience where they take something away with them (even a realization that it is not for them). They remain in control with their dignity intact.

    And who knows what else might spin off?

  2. Given I’m looking for someone who’s already using Social Media, any candidate should be confident enough to respond publicly, and not be shy about broadcasting their response, or be too concerned about what other candidates are like.

    Ultimately, it’s not about comparing entries one against the other, but getting people to demonstrate they understand social media, through doing, rather than being able to talk about it, but have no real concrete experience personally.

    Setting up a social network and getting people to engage might be one way of getting people to respond, but as I want applicants who are already using social media personally, if someone doesn’t already have a site they can post a response on, then they’re clearly not the right candidate for this role.

  3. Hi,

    I’ve answered your questions at

    I hope to hear from you soon.


  4. Thanks Sabrina!
    I’ll be in touch shortly ;)

  5. What do you know about Social Media?!/profile.php?id=271100638

    Where and how did you learn it?
    From my time spent with under the tutelage of magitam!!!

    and why did you go to all that effort?
    Wanted to gain a deeper understanding of how the web worked from the point of users connecting with each other.

    Why do you want to work in Social Media?
    Having studied media in one form or the other for the last six years, my commitment to producing content for an audience is as strong as the first time a microphone and recorder was thrusted into my hand.
    The social element of the web is what makes that basic function come alive; being able to connect with people from around the world, distributing ideas across frontiers, gaining valuable feedback on what not to do and how to do things better. The biggest plus is that the best things in life are truly free (well there are time constraints).
    As the social media industry is still young and hottly contested with new models, the opportunities to learn in this fast paced industry are unparalleled.

    What is it that appeals to you about this industry/profession?
    Fresh ideas, open process, interconnectedness, fast paced, interesting people!

    Also, what do you have to offer?
    Commitment, dedication, drive, and energy.
    On a practical level, research skills, communications, (video and audio)production, connecting with people.
    Willingness to learn new things.

    What makes you special, unique, or different to every other candidate that’s out there?
    There is only one Jason Paul Grant! I find it difficult to sing my own praises, so here are a few quotes from my friends: “I worked with Jason for two years and he was an excellent boss. He provided a vision, encouraged people to work together to achieve goals and was an engaging and entertaining radio host! He is an inspiring person to know because of his absolute dedication his work and his ability to successfully juggle multiple projects at the same time. I look forward to working with him again!” and another one “I strongly recommend Jason for any position that makes use of his exceptional journalism skills as he is sure to be an asset to any team or organisation. I found Jason to be a self-motivated and diligent journalist. He would ask all the right questions to achieve an understanding of complicated political situations. Furthermore, he is a skilled communicator – when I needed advice he was not only approachable, but informative and accurate, getting right to the important points. Near the end of the term, he found and organised a challenging internship. He was thorough in his research beforehand in order to make the most of the experience.”

    Finally, I’d like to know a little something more about you. What makes you tick?
    Waking up in the morning with a ‘carpe diem’ attitude, telling my love ones that I love them and resting my head in the evening knowing that I’ve cause more pleasure than pain throughout the day!

    What are your hobbies, and interests?
    Working out in the gym, bicycle riding, running/jogging, attending private views, political debates, reading and travelling.

    What do you do when you’re not tweeting, or blogging?

    Essentially, what makes you you?
    The people in my life, my surroundings and attitude to life!

  6. What do I know about social media?
    Social medial is media used for social interaction which gives the user(s) option for interaction in real time. The whole aspect of social media is extremely fascinating because there are a diverse range of tools that allows the user to communicate to others from anywhere around the world making the world a smaller place. Social media is an extremely powerful tool in today’s society.

    Why do I want to work in social media?
    What appeals to me in social media is the social, cultural and efficient effect social media contains. Social media can be used not only privately but professionally too, for example language schools (to improve people’s language and cultural knowledge). Another aspect that interests me is why use one and not another? What are they looking for? How are they willing to communicate to others- via voice, messages (instant), photos, films, different languages? How long will the user last until finding a new tool? What are the constraints (the tool, the cultural barrier, the person)? My inquisitive nature would like to get behind the surface of social media not only nationally but internationally too.

    What makes me have the ‘je ne sais quoi’?
    The one aspect that makes me stand out from the crowd is my memorable personality; I am able to adapt myself creatively to suit others whether being from my country, same age, education background making me an outstanding people’s person. I am puzzled by everything and everyone and strive to know weathers it’s from dancing to cars, from English people to Chinese people. I believe this stems from my diverse background and upbringing. Another aspect to me is y dyslexia. Now I know it has its constraints however when dealing with dyslexia you are constantly faced with obstacles that you need to battle. You can decide to give up despite trying many times. However with perseverance and determination eventually (it will take you a little longer than everyone else) you are able to come up with a creative solution that enables you to win and prepares you for the next one you face thus increasing resilience, drive and confidence.
    Interested- stay tuned to find out more…

    Yasmine Khamellah

    yasminekhamellahatmsndotcom or facebook me.

  7. Please click on any of the hyperlinks to get more insight below.

    I started engaging with SM before it received this wildly popular title. Whether creating a blog (to see what all the hype was about), registering a MySpace account (to find musicians/hang with friends/share links) or trying to create a popular Facebook page like so many have; I naturally adopted SM early on from a tech-literate, open-source, wiki-supporting standpoint. It has fast become a hugely useful set of tools to find and market to relevant people for the price of an internet connection.

    Business wise, I found Facebook and MySpace incredibly useful for the music event promotions I was doing a few years ago and it built from there. Utilising Fb and MySpace in the right ways I brought more people to our music events & found ever more talented musicians to perform. This built a growing network of people (that I could easily & directly communicate with) that supported the business.
    Although I began with MySpace and Facebook, I have now developed a deep understanding of Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, LinkedIn, Stumbling, Ning and Blogging. I’ve now see how building an online community/crowd/network around a brand/business can be extremely useful and supportive to the objectives. It can really boost SEO and ultimately more traffic to websites and more turnover.

    In my current job working in Crowdsourcing; our crowds are our life force, being the experts for our clients. I have been managing both our crowd of 1500 designers and 2000 artists. In this position I realised how to successfully nurture a symbiotic relationship and how important this is. Our crowds effectively bring in our revenues by completing work for our clients so using our social media setup (spear-headed by our blog) I came up with ways to promote & interact with our crowds to enhance the symbiosis.

    I like social media because it feels very natural to me. I enjoy coming up with new strategies to target specific audiences and finding the correct tone of voice for every occasion. I enjoy writing and creating imagery and videos and written & visual communication is one of my strongest skills, which in SM, helps! It is an inherently friendly and informal environment which I thrive in and fundamentally it’s about people; who I always respect and can empathise with easily.

    One of the most fascinating and challenging aspects of SM, that I revel in, is choosing the appropriate platforms and tone of voice for a client so that their social media strategy is effective and coherent with the company as a whole. Some clients believe they need a facebook page when they’d be better off on flickr, others want the whole shabang when focusing on twitter would be best. I think this is where understanding SM is crucial to best serve clients.

    Over the last year alone I have been creating an highly demanded feed for our blogs, twitter, facebook and LinkedIn accounts. I have been recruiting on LinkedIn, filming and editing videos for our Vimeo/YouTube channels, finding, contacting and engaging with influencers in the space for outreach, getting top ten page rankings by harmonising blog content with SEO strategy, tweeting, re-tweeting, #FF, interviewing, featuring and promoting our crowd members, moderating, editing, copywriting, art directing and more…

    I really want to progress in social media because I have taken to it like a duck to water and I have a wide and extremely relevant skill set for the space. I’m not just a blogger or crowd manager, I am interested in a holistic understanding of social media to be most effective in all the tasks put before me.

    My interests and passions are very eclectic. I love good food, music, the Arts, design, sport, technology, ancient history and more. I think where I am different is how I enjoy interacting in both the physical and virtual worlds and I’m aware that although SM is a digital activity, it is not a mechanical but an organic process, one involving real people and real connections for success. I am excellent at coming up with ideas and I relish challenges and things that get my brain going. I am illustriously charming and modest as you can see, with a healthy sense of humour. If you have read this far, congratulations, we have reached the end! Many thanks, Lawrence

  8. What do you know about Social Media? Where and how did you learn it? and why did you go to all that effort?

    Communications today take shape in a networked and interactive environment created by the recent technological and sociological breakthroughs. Within the digital realm audio, images, video, text are melted in binary numeric sequences and displayed on disembodied surfaces. The interoperability of the web empowers everybody to manipulate the contents and become active member of the production of culture. Social media can harness the power of networking and the social tendency to congregate around shared interests, peers and affections. They provide virtual backgrounds and opportunities for connecting with people, sharing files, writing messages, chatting, tagging, blogging, and emailing. In two words; expressing ourselves.
    Social networks and blogs are the apparatus that bridge and enhance new forms of communications between customers and brands.
    It is becoming essential for companies to have a strategic presence on social networks so they can interact with online conversations about their brands, products and services.
    Advertising agencies and marketers are embracing the challenge launched by the new reality of interactive content. New dynamic strategies are responding to the consumer’s demand for a personal, responsive and engaging experience.
    The interoperability of the web, allow the customers to determine the status of online campaigns with just a click. Proposing tailored services and communications with personas is the magic formula for customer acquisition and retention.

    When two independent dance-music PRs asked me to design the graphics for their fliers and posters I accepted enthusiastically. I proposed and planned a viral digital campaign. I developed the idea when I started reading and writing on the subject of dance music. Blogs like Palmsout, Fluokids, Discobelle and Scatterblog explore taste, feeling and tendencies around sub- genres and artist.
    I collected a mailing list and informed peers about the event, location and performers. I spread the word on Facebook and Myspace, creating an event page with links to videos, pictures, and comments and impressions of friends and fans. I also edited some videos and shared them on Youtube. It was engaging and effective and moreover we had dynamic feedback of our work! The initiative endorsed the success of the events (and I still was unaware of the power of twitter!).
    My curiosity and my passion for research brought me to London. Here I molded my passion with an intense year of study of Digital Media, focusing on internet marketing, integrated advertising, branding and strategy.

    Why do you want to work in Social Media?

    Social Networks demand such a creative approach: disparate pieces converge and grow together to form a rich pattern of interaction. Their exponential growth and continuous evolution entails ongoing research towards new technology, and the related audience response. They test the ability to orchestrate consumer trends in order to enhance the brand value proposition with creative and harmonic solutions that satisfies and boosts the empowered audience. I’m ready to accept the challenge!

    What makes you special, unique, or different to every other candidate that’s out there?

    Throughout my web designer, graphical and video editing work experience I can provide strong technical expertise that facilitates communication with clients and technical staff.
    This eclectic background developed my multi-platform and networked perspective along with the attention to detail that creates the harmonic wholeness of content, essential in an integrated promotion plan.
    With my studies I developed my awareness of a valuable branding approach responding dynamically while being explicative, personal and efficient. In the position with Total Media I will merge technology and branding research in new creative forms of communication.

    Finally, I’d like to know a little something more about you. What makes you tick? What are your hobbies, and interests?
    What do you do when you’re not tweeting, or blogging? Essentially, what makes you you?

    Technology is always in my heart! Even when I jump on my bicycle to go in a park to practise some yoga, or going to the gym, or dance. This interchange with nature and people revitalizes my body and fosters the inspiration for my works.
    I love to observe the variety of the world around me, and the beauty of art in all its manifestations. I’m dedicated to video editing, and I’m producing videos for the online social matter project Standstrong TV. I like writing, and the way it generates unexpected thoughts and connections. I like reading books to my nephew and to my granny when I can go to visit them in the Italian countryside.

    Find me online:
    skype: silviatk77

    My projects and collaborations:

    Events’ pages:!/group.php?gid=130482105319&ref=ts!/group.php?gid=309408869092&ref=ts

  9. What do you know about Social Media? My knowledge of social media has developed out of simply being a conscious and self aware participant as the internet has unfolded over the years. Starting from the first novelty e-mail conversations, to shared interest community forums, the explosion of blogs, and the arrival of Facebook and Twitter – I’ve learnt it naturally through usage and participation. More recently it has been through blogs like Mashable and Econsultancy, and my own experience as a digital marketing intern has helped me understand the use of social media in a commercial sense and how it can be incorporated holistically into a firm’s public voice. The ‘effort’ has been unnoticeable, I have always been interested in advertising and sociology – why certain messages get picked up while others don’t, how digital communities form and often stagnate.Why do you want to work in Social Media?Though I have a background in finance and started off in the City, my internship convinced me that I wanted a role which put me in a position to start conversations and develop audiences – also to be able to research the myriad of fascinating niche communities that exist on the internet (such as to then reach out to them. Social media has changed the way customers relate to companies, yielded new crowd-sourced art projects (as @imogenheap so fantastically demonstrates), and generally taken over the time people spend online. To be able to work analysing and designing what people then do during their time engaging with social media is an exciting and expanding role.Am currently teaching myself the basics of web programming (Javascript, XML, CSS) on top of the basic knowledge I have now, I believe my inherent geekiness and curiosity for anything innovative doing its rounds gives me the basic fuel for working in social media. Studying finance has given me an analytical framework and an eye for detail.What makes you special, unique, or different to every other candidate that’s out there? What makes you you?Having come from a different academic background, I feel that I would bring a different perspective to any team I join. I’m comfortable in more quantitative tasks while also taking an interest in the arts – being lucky enough and having grown up in 4 countries and worked in 3 allows me to be comfortable striking up conversations gives me a pluralistic quality.When free, I enjoy dabbling in music (either going to gigs or playing with friends), Lindy Hopping (or watching videos of swing dancing to set that bar for myself), attending museum late nights or wondering the best way to discover London (trying the pub quiz approach currently).For a sample of my blogroll: am most regularly on:

  10. What I know about Social Media :

    I love all things social media. I have a healthy obsession with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Blogging and I dabble a little in Foursquare. Like most people I have been bitten by social media bug for years but I wanted to further my interest and skills so I completed a Diploma in Digital Marketing over a year ago. I also completed a day intensive course on blogging at Social Media Academy recently. I’ve completed blogger outreach for Universal Pictures, I’ve worked with bloggers and brands for Social Media Library and now I’m getting agency experience as an intern for House PR.

    When you have a genuine interest and passion for something then it is never an effort to seek out more information as you have a desire to learn more, to become well informed on the area. I am fascinated with the area of social media and how it is evolving and I always want to know what the latest hot topic is (new Twitter), what is best social media tool (loving hootsuite), what is trending on Twitter or what is ruffling peoples feathers – Facebook Places anyone??

    Why work in Social Media?

    There isn’t a more exciting area to be working in at the moment – and it being such a young, dynamic and innovative industry it gives an opportunity for those who are creative and have a good understanding of social media to forge a rewarding and fulfilling career. What fascinates me is that in the midst of such doom and gloom in the worldwide economy, Social Media a key industry that is experiencing huge growth and is finally being taken seriously at a director level of companies. What make social media tick for me is how it makes people communicate actively and in a real way. It has people of all types, ages and backgrounds engaging with each other, creating buzz and actually changing and enhancing how people interact as consumers, as business as a brand, in everyday life.

    What appeals to me about working in Social Media

    I have already had experience working for various companies within social media and it is so interesting to see how companies are incorporating and building their expertise in social media and I want to continue building on what I have learned and enjoy the challenge of pushing myself to the next level. I have worked on blogger outreach for Universal Pictures, I have experience in how to identify key bloggers for PR and marketing campaigns with Social Media Library. Currently I am seeing first hand how important social media is to a PR agency in gaining online coverage for their clients. What is so appealing working in social media is that it is such an exciting area. It never feels like work. It just feels like you are reading your favourite magazine or book. Every day you get to learn something new and then you can pass on and share the information with others with just one tweet, blog or Facebook update.

    What I have to offer –

    Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

    Client focused and highly organised.

    Lots of energy,creativity,drive and enthusiasm for learning new things.

    What makes me special or unique to every other candidate –

    You might be interested to note that I have posted a blog on one of Total Media’s clients the V+A.I blogged about the Grace Kelly exhibition that was held at the V+A. My post on this received over 460 views. I also tweeted the link on my twitter account which received views. So already I have already completed some social media promotion for you.

    I have a real understanding on the codes of practice for good blogger outreach and how to identify and build strong relationships with key bloggers which is very different to building relationship with journalists in traditional PR.

    Also what makes me different is after gaining years of experience in account management for Dell, I decided to change my career direction and move into working in social media and digital side of things. It has been hard but it has shown my desire and commitment to making a successful career within social media for an agency like Total Media. What makes me different is I have a strong commercial, client management and sales background however I have a desire to learn and have gained some great experience over the last year from a client side and now am gaining experience in a PR agency. I am learning all the time and have invested in training to up skill myself and would love to opportunity to work with Total Media to build on the skills that I have to really add value to the PR team.

    What makes me tick –

    My blog could show you a little about what makes me smile.

    I’ve moved to London at the start of this year and I’m loving it. I love the opportunity of popping to galleries and seeing some great exhibitions – anything that is culturally significant or involving fashion. I love going to music gigs and this year tried something different by going to Vintage Goodwood. I love to travel, I love to ski, I’m partial to mountain biking. I also love meeting my friends for a glass or two of vino talking endlessly about fashion or celeb gossip. I like to tell outrageous stories and make people laugh and luckily I have a lot of good friends and fit in well with people.

    Contact Me –
    Email: aoifepomphrettatgmaildotcom
    Twitter: @aoifepom
    My blog:

  11. What do I know about social media? I don’t want to bore you! Social media is the one place where you can truly express yourself. It?s a place where you can become exactly what you want to be. Back in 2002 I was introduced to, a social network for the Asian community. It was the ‘MySpace’ of that time for me. It allowed people to create profiles, create a network of friends and communicate within the community. I saw profiles from people in my network which all looked like professional websites. This encouraged me to learn how to make my own personal profile look professional, learning html codes, image editing and even how to write professionally. I eventually became addicted, learning how to encode videos, and attract loads of traffic to my profile even though I had not studied IT at school until 2 years later. For me it was something to do after school, although it seemed ‘un-cool’ to my friends at the time I’m glad I spent my weekends and after school hours on this network as I learnt so much from it. Hi5 was then the next big craze for me, followed by Bebo, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and eventually LinkedIn and Blogspot.

    I have a degree in Magazine Publishing, and during the course I regularly used blogs to demonstrate how the magazine industry developed. One of my projects, LDN Magazine (blog) demonstrates how you do not need an editorial production team to produce a magazine with regular readers. For my final project I used social media channels to conduct research prior to production, generate brand awareness and even gather content from freelance writers for my product, TG Magazine. I knew that social media had an impact on the world and wanted to expand my knowledge of it.

    I want to work in social media because it is such an interesting sector that just keeps on growing. I love blogging, and I love reading blogs so what could possibly be better than turning it into a career. I have always wanted to write, being quite obsessed with Sex and the city where Carrie glamorised writing, I never thought it was possible for me because I have never really been a ‘Book’ person but social media channels, specifically Blogs allows me to write meaningful pieces.

    What appeals to me most about social media is how it allows people to connect with others who share the same interests as them. The fast-pace industry and ever growing ideas and creativity is what tempts me about the industry.

    My most recent position involved me managing 15 separate social media channels for 3 different products. Although my degree says ‘Magazine Publishing’ I completed modules that explored various areas of the media industry. These modules included Marketing, PR, Advertising, Web design & Development, Finance, Media Law, Photography, Journalism, Digital Media, Fashion and Sociology.

    What makes me unique is my sense of creativity and drive to turn an idea into reality. I’m a happy-go-lucky girl, I’m less than 5? ft tall but I have a big personality. If I didn’t have a passion in Social Media I would probably be a comedian sharing all my humorous experiences because I can’t be the only idiot that has gone through the stuff I have! You know that saying of ?that?s a one in a million chance? well I’m usually that one in a million that walks into the massive glass door with the sign ‘No Entrance written in bright orange.

    I’m quite a girl’s kind of girl, whether that be a cosy night in watching Desperate Housewives to stepping foot into some of London’s most infamous clubs. Besides all the girlie activities what I love to do is catch up on the latest episode of CSI. I’m quite a lovable dork underneath the Christian Louboutin heels and MAC make up!

    Find me on:
    My email: Loanzzz_athotmaildotcom

    Hope to hear from your soon!
    Loan x

  12. Hi!

    Just to make things [mildly] interesting, i’ve made a little video as my for you to have a look at! *This is my application*



  13. *ignore the “as my” – typo sorry

  14. Hello. You can view my application at

  15. Hello!

    Please go to where you can download my application.

    Be ready for the surprise and delight!


    Muna : )

    Email: munahaseballahatmedotcom

  16. Go onto the ‘Social Media’ folder and download the files.


    Muna : )

  17. Hi Farhan!Please follow the below link to view my response:,Nick. Email:

  18. Dear Mr. Farhan Rehman,
    I would like to start by introducing myself to you briefly, my name is Ceyda Keceli, and I am from Istanbul, Turkey. I am currently living in Istanbul, but I fly to London frequently for job interviews, as I have made up my mind to try my hand at finding the ideal position for myself in this city that I adore.
    I arrived to London almost a week ago for a couple of interviews, and as soon as I arrived to Stansted Airport I bought a sim card to call back home and activate the 3G service on my Blackberry, but disappointingly I’ve realized that it couldn’t be activated unless I register my phone here, which meant no Facebook, Twitter, or blogging for the whole week! At first I thought it would be a piece of cake, but soon I realized how much I was depending on these Social Media platforms to share news with friends, getting updates on what was going on in the city, or just simply to express myself.
    As you can understand from my introduction, I am a true social media enthusiast! I am an active user of almost all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and blogging. But I use each of them for different purposes for example I am on Facebook only to be connected to my friends, to see their status updates and photos, and to be aware of the upcoming events, whereas I am on Twitter to keep a sort of journal of the things I would like to remember that wouldn’t take as long as a blog post but worthy enough to write about, such as an interesting line from a book or a movie or take a note of something I saw on my way home. Another reason why I actively use twitter at the moment is to know a little bit more about the people whom I wouldn’t know otherwise if I didn’t have a twitter account. I am following professionals and agencies in the communications and marketing industry, and read what they are tweeting about, trying to catch insights from their days at work, and even apply for jobs whenever they post a job ad that excites me!
    As for Linkedin, it helps me to know more about the professionals in the communications and marketing sector, look through their CVs,see where they were before their current positions, what they have gone through in their careers and also simply ask for their advice!
    I am also blogging on my own blog which can be found here. I mostly write in Turkish in order to develop my writing skills as I realised I was a little bit rusted with Turkish since I always read and write in English. I wrote a couple of articles on my blog about the social media useage of celebrities in Turkey, comparing them in terms of their preferred platforms and the audiences they were targeting with these platforms.
    After this not so brief introduction about me and my relationship with social media in general, I would like to tell you more in-depth about why I would like to work as a Social Media Community Manager. After writing my masters thesis on Corporate Identity and Corporate Reputation, I have realized how important it is for corporations and brands to have a strong communication with their audiences. Not only to increase profits and sales but more importantly to ensure that the corporate identity is communicated rightfully and to ensure the corporate reputation is managed well. And using social media is a great way to do so! For example,these days whenever I have problem with a product I own, I go on to Twitter to see if the corporation has a Twitter account that I can write to, if it doesn’t have an active Twitter or Facebook account, I start thinking maybe they don’t care about their consumers and they are not interested in hearing their opinions on their products.
    Therefore I believe the Social Media Community Managers should be at the centre of importance to corporations as they are the voice of a specific brand or the corporation itself. As a Social Media Community Manager, you can see the characteristics of your audience, engage with them, get involved in conversations, earn the trust of your community, and really listen to what they have to say that can be beneficial to the development of the brand or the corporation.
    I believe I have the right skills, to be a good social media community manager, but I strongly believe that your experience will be invaluable to learn from and to look up to, and develop my skills even further.
    Firstly I can start by saying that I am very enthusiastic about this position as I am already very interested in Corporate Identity and Corporate Reputation, and if I’m given the opportunity I’ll get the chance to be the face of brands and companies on Social Media and this excites me beyond words! I also already love social media, and constant communication, so engaging with consumers and audiences will be delightful for me on a full-time basis. I am also a good communicator, who can take a step back and analyze the situation when faced with a negative response which can be useful while dealing with a community where a few problems can arise. On the other hand I am consistent in what I do, therefore would like to have a hands-on approach with the projects that I am given, even though it means keeping an eye on my community over the weekends or whenever there is a new response to be replied.
    Finally I would like to tell you a bit more about my personal interests and hobbies. I am passionate about good food and travelling and I would like to combine them whenever possible. I can get on a plane to go to South Eastern Turkey to taste the best ‘baklava’ in the country or to Italy to eat the best pasta. I am also a keen enthusiast of film festivals and previously attended London, Istanbul, Stockholm and Gothenburg Film Festivals.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to read about me.
    I am looking forward to meeting you in person to tell you more about myself, and also to hear about the position.
    Kindest regards,
    Ceyda Keceli

  19. If tweeting was an Olympic game I’d be the Michael Phelps of Social Media. Also being Greek I’m used to everything being Greek to me, therefore not afraid to jump into the unknown, grab the bull by it’s horns, the fail whale by it’s tail and poke around Facebook.

    My background: Information and communication engineering, Fashion, Writing, Fine Arts.

    I’m always positive like this:

    I’m a big fan of Kevin Roberts, Paul Arden and Star Wars :)

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