Social Media Monitoring & Marketing Conference

There’s very few good conferences I’ve been to in London, when it comes to Social Media Monitoring. One that I regularly keep an eye out for, is the conferences that Luke Brynley-Jones puts on. Primarily because of the quality of the speakers, and the diversity of perspectives that are shared throughout the day.

In the past, I’ve mainly been to conferences that have focussed on Social Media Monitoring (a key component of the Social Media Mix, especially when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of what you’ve been doing, and helping contribute toward providing an ROI on an organisations Social Media Investment).

His most recent conference, on the 19th of September, looks to be a real interesting mix, of case studies, discussions around measuring engagement, monitoring Social Media, using gaming mechanics, SEO and Social, as well as a discussion of Social Media as potentially the future for e-Commerce (you can see the full agenda here).

If you’re interested in getting a ticket, you can try your luck here, but given how packed the event gets, I wouldn’t be suprised if they’re sold out by the time you check it out.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for Peter Parkes, Head of Social Media EMEA for Expedia, who I’ve spoken with online, but never had the pleasure of meeting in person.

I also look forward to hearing from:


Hope to see some of you there! I’m sure if the agenda is of interest, you’ll come away from the day feeling inspired/engaged and enthused about what’s working and what’s possible with Social Media.

I’ll also do my best to capture, and share info from the day. Keep an eye on my Conference Twitter channel (@conffar) for updates throughout the day (That way my regular @farhan twitter channel won’t be flooding everyone with updates throughout the day). You can also keep an eye on #smm11 for the fuller conversation from everyone who’s attending.

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