My Agenda for Social Media Week London 2012

It seems that with all the sponsorship money that’s gone into Social Media Week, one of the key features that was missing from the main website, is the ability to be able to share ‘calendars’ or schedules with friends/other participants.

Social Media Week London 2012

Register for Events At Social Media Week London 2012

Having buttons, that allowed you to post the event you were attending to Lanyrd, or Plancast would have solved that problem, but it seems that even just getting a calendar of all the events you’re attending wasn’t high on the list of priorities of the developers this time round..

Ironically, because certain events require registration via third party websites, I wasn’t even able to compile a list of all the events that I was attending, just by registering through the website. Instead, I need to ‘favourite’ the events I’m planning on attending, in order to be able to see a single list on the Social Media Week Website, of everything I want to attend (and as far as I can tell, there’s no simple way of pulling that content into a Google Calendar), so I just went ahead and manually added each of the events I’m planning to be at into a single calendar, which I’ve shared below.

Just one small note, for the website developers for next year, when you hit the ‘Google Calendar’ button on any event, the event that gets added uses the URL of the event as follows:

(which doesn’t work).

The correct URL needs to be

(note the extra /event/ which is missing in the url that pre-populates the Google Calendar.)

It’s probably too late to fix this now, but perhaps next year, you could at least get that part working properly? Or even let us share our calendars publicly, to friends that haven’t registered on the website?

Anyways, here’s my schedule during Social Media Week London 2012 (however, bear in mind, that like with all things social, this is subject to change at a moments notice) :

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