Social Media Week Kicks Off!

So this week, is the beginning of Social Media Week, which is happening simultaneously in Toronto, Sao Paulo, San Francisco, New York, Berlin and London.

The aim of Social Media Week is to “advance the use and understanding of social media in the corporate, public and non-profit sectors”, and before I say too much about it, I just want to add that I am slightly biased, as I’m part of the London Advisory Board, so naturally, I’m going to tell you all about it! (Though to be fair, the principles and idea behind it are so in line behind the ethos of Social Media, I’d be supporting and advocating it, even if I wasn’t on the advisory board ;))

The week is going to be filled with a series of great talks, sessions, discussions, and a general conversation about social media wherever you turn, and in turn I’ll be joining in, and contributing when and where I can, through tweeting, blogging, and possibly even live streaming, (facilities/battery depending). Though just in case you’re all worried I’m about to go and saturate my personal twitter stream with tweets galore, rest assured I’ll be doing all that I can to use my @conffar and @londontech accounts more than my personal one.

You can find the full schedule of events at and if you’re interested in seeing what events I’ve put myself down for so far, find my schedule for the week here.

For more upto the minute updates during the week, follow @smwldn on Twitter, and be sure to talk to someone about Social Media this week. That is when you can stop being so busy creating content ;)

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