Social Media Week London – Feb 13-17, 2012

So next week is Social Media Week, in London, and it seems that this year there are even more talks, events, and sessions being run, than last year.

If you haven’t yet decided what you’re going to attend, I suggest you head on over to the calendar for London’s Social Media Week activities and pick out some interesting sessions that might be of interest to you.

I’m planning on attending a few events each day, and this year, I’ll do my best to blog about the different talks I attend each day. (Rather than live tweeting out of all the sessions, as I usually try to do :)

Partly because it then means I don’t need to rely on or worry about the Internet connections at each of the venues, and partly that means I get to document all the pertinent and interesting points that are made during each talk, and then capture them to remember, and share.

Historically I’ve been a much more active advocate of tweeting out from the events, and sessions, but with the amount of problems I keep experiencing whenever I try to use Twitter at an event, or in a live streaming environment, I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to use twitter in a meaningful way right now, is through the occasional tweet, not the second by second blow by blow account of what’s happening – as apparently Twitter doesn’t like that, and ends up blocking me, or stalling on me whenever I do that!!

Look forward to seeing many of you at various events around town, over the next week!

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