Tweeting from Conferences

I’m often at a conference, and usually when there’s a wireless or network connection of some sort, and I have my laptop available, I’ll start to tweet ferociously, in an attempt to provide a ‘tweet by tweet’ update of the proceedings of an event, or the content of a talk.

It’s not as detailed, or as comprehensive as if the person were there listening to everything, and it definitely isn’t a substitute to a live stream, such as, from an event.  However, I’ve managed to have found a happy medium where I am able to successfully capture much of what’s being discussed by the speaker, and also share it fast enough, to give a real detailed flavour of the proceedings, whilst at the same time, not losing track of the conversation, whilst on Twitter.

Primarily, I use TweetChat, as my interface of choice, primarily because it updates so rapidly.. However in the moments that it fails, I’ll soon dive into a different client, or use a notepad, and make notes instead.. Relying on my abillity to capture a conversation in short snippets in a text editor, and then feeding those out into twitter, as and when the desktop or web based clients respond accordingly.

I’m going to see if I can create a financially sustainable way of conference tweeting.  Not least by raising sponsorship for my background, to highlight my current set of sponsors, during the conference I’m at.. But also, to see if demand for such a service might exist at all?  It’s entirely novel, and completely different to the traditional ways in which conferences are covered.  However at the same time, it’s just a matter of time before more and more people desire to have the ‘channel’ into the conference, without having to necessarily hear every word that was spoken.

If you are organising your own conference, and would like some advice, or have me come and live tweet from your event for you, I can be reached at farhan [at] consciouscomms [dot] co [dot] uk.

Equally if you see me tweeting at a conference, and you’d be interested to know about sponsorship opportunities for particular upcoming events, again, drop me an email.

Right now, the Twitter ecosystem is providing ample opportunities for innovators, and early adopters to shape new behaviours in the world, using these tools.. Only time will tell if our ideas and uses of these tools were truly brilliant, or sheer folly!  You can follow my Conference Tweeting Account @ConfFar

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