Why come to #TweetCamp?

On the eve of the event, it’s almost a bit redundant, to talk about why you should be coming to TweetCamp, as by now you’ve almost definitely made up your mind as to whether you’re coming or not.
That said, I did want to jot down my thoughts, if only for the next time, as they’re all ripe in my mind, as I turn in for the night!

So first off, TweetCamp is an ‘un’conference.
Conferences, are usually attended purely to learn from. In an ‘un’conference, the intention is that you’ve arrived to both learn from others, as well as to teach something of value that you know. Automatically, it creates a very different dynamic, and a different experience for all.
With TweetCamp specifically, it’s not just about the learning, and sharing, it’s also about having ‘real’ conversations, with the people you know virtually.

It’s also about having that ‘deep’ relationship, that can only come out of meeting people in person, and spending the time getting to know someone. My own life experience has taught me that no matter how much you know someone, over a phone, email, or tweet, there is just infinitely more value in a face to face, that you can’t get remotely. There’s something that happens, when we meet people and we spend time with them. It’s almost as if we get super clear on why we really connect, and trust an individual, or that we really discover they’re not who they appeared to be, to us, online. (Most times we can never truly represent the full spectrum and diversity of who we are online, so it’s only in the face to face meetings that we are able to truly ‘know’ another).

Within TweetCamp, we deliberately structure part of the day, as group discussions, because we want to encourage more reflection, and thinking, than just ‘broadcasting’, and ‘talking’. We borrow some of the principles of World Cafe, to help discover what collective wisdom we have to share, but also to stretch each individual and challenge them to listen and engage with the dialogue, and discover where that may take you.

The other element that’s incorporated into TweetCamp, is the spirit of emergent learning. There is a very clear and specific intention that TweetCamp is all about learning together, and seeing what new knowledge, or insights we might discover. But most importantly, it’s about getting back into that spirit of play, and not-knowing. If we already knew the reasons why we came to TweetCamp, there’d be nothing left to discover.

That said, if the spirit of adventure, and an enquiry into what you might learn, or who you might meet isn’t of interest to you, then definitely TweetCamp isn’t for you.. But if it is, then come along, in the spirit of playfulness exploration, and I look forward to joining with you on an adventure into uncharted waters.

Night for now.. Last sleep till #TweetCamp! God knows I need it :)

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